Momoko Fritz

Home and Northwestern University

When you book a session with me I highly suggest some at-home-shots and then off to a location. It gives you the flexibility to have some images in a place where you are comfortable and then to a location with a great backdrop. I love this little family. I happened to meet Becca my freshman year at college and we never really saw each other after that. 15 years later we find that we are living in the same city and it turns out she has the cutest little girl. Sis is full of great emotion and expressions which made for a wonderful family session. Fall has been full of fantastic family sessions so far and I continue to shoot friends old and new!

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Camp Wandawega

I've always wanted to photograph here and when Jessica Zimmerman, a floral designer and event planner from the south, contacted me to do a family shoot here I didn't hesitate to say yes. Our friend Becca from Becca Blue flowers connected us and really this shows how great the wedding and art community can be so wonderful.

Camp Wandawega was everything I hoped for and is styled perfectly down to the tube t.v. in the lounge. I really enjoyed meeting Jessica and her crazy cute family and getting to finally see this amazing place!

Maternity Shoot

Elaine contacted me to do a maternity shoot for her and she left it wide open for me to decide what we should do. Since she is an amazing artist I felt a lot of pressure to preform to her standards. I like being pressured to do well so this wasn't a bad pressure. I wanted to pack in as much as I could into one session since photographing one person can leave one feeling that I'll have less content to provide. So I thought of a location that provided the most diverse backgrounds and I decided to do a gender guess with a color backdrop. Elaine did't know the gender until her baby was born...and it is a girl!

A Neighborhood and Family Worth Capturing

Being that I was mostly raised south of Seattle and have gone to college in Utah, I know many people who aren't from Chicago and to be honest, most people not from here have their ideas of what Chicago looks like or that it is really run down or at it is dangerous, but I think it is great, despite the awful winters, the other seasons are very enjoyable. I think this session captures my neighborhood down to the hostas in front of almost every home, the lush tree lined streets, the grey stone two flats and of course, the wonderful people very well. Of course, this isn't a representation of every neighborhood, but this is my neighborhood, St. Bens and I was so glad that I was able to photograph a session here. This nice family is having a new baby and I found the inclusion of the ultrasound photos of baby sister as part of our session as a new and interesting way to document the anticipated arrival of a new family member.

Chicago family photographer 1.jpg