Momoko Fritz

Family Sessions at Home

I love mixing it up and photographing a family at home. Since the house is a place of comfort and familiarity, children tend to be at ease and expectations seem to lower for the parents to perform for the camera. In it’s totality, shoots in a home are far more pleasant. In addition, I can get a lot of images in one small location. All of these images and more were taken within a 10 foot radius and yet, the changes in facial expression, where I direct you to stand and where I point my camera all provide a variety of images. Look at that wiggly guy! He wanted to move, so let the action inform the image. Mom and dad are not all worried in the slightest and everyone looks beautiful!

Chiapetta Film 4-2019_16.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_05.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_25.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_07.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_27.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_30.jpg
Chiapetta Film 4-2019_20.jpg