Momoko Fritz

Good Light

Living in a city like Chicago doesn’t allow for great photography weather year round. Trust me, I can empathize, because my family/portrait portion of my business grinds to an almost halt. Good light can easily be found in your home at the right time of day. Take time to notice what happens to a room when the light hits it at noon or at 2pm and store that in your brain. I usually like to find the rooms with the right combo of light and a great wall or piece of furniture. Bring your child, friend or partner over and take a portrait and don’t be afraid to move chairs or photos out of the way. Who cares if it isn’t what is usually there?! Restricting yourself to what you think other people do is not helpful to your creative process. This is a great exercise in seeing how light effects the subject or if anything you are practicing using your camera.

I noticed that in my old house that in the upstairs landing the filtered light did wonderful things to room. I often pulled my boys up there and said let’s do a photograph. For this particular photograph, I dug through my fabric from when I sewed and I pinned it on the wall and had the boys sit on our kitchen stool and took what I call, school portraits. ( I hate spending money on those darn school photos). This was my result and I am so glad I did, because as they get older it’s nice to have a good portrait of the boys around.

cm 1.jpg