Momoko Fritz

Holiday Shoot

Momoko fritz 38.jpg

This year I decided to do a last minute Holiday pop-up shoot. 2018 has been a trying year for me and I put my obligations and communications for my business as a low priority. Sometimes you have years where you give yourself permission to not show up, but then there’s always consequences to actions like these. I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to see my business grow and what I saw as a priorities, but then I realigned myself and came back to what I love, hence the last minute Holiday shoot. I’m so glad I did this, because everything I do for my clients and for my business is an opportunity to grow, plus I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to the New Year for numerical fresh starts, but I’ve discovered that a new year is not incentive to stretch myself, I started this process this Fall already. If you have any goals you want to say out loud, put them in my comments! Sometimes telling the world your intentions forces your hand!