Momoko Fritz

Good Light

Living in a city like Chicago doesn’t allow for great photography weather year round. Trust me, I can empathize, because my family/portrait portion of my business grinds to an almost halt. Good light can easily be found in your home at the right time of day. Take time to notice what happens to a room when the light hits it at noon or at 2pm and store that in your brain. I usually like to find the rooms with the right combo of light and a great wall or piece of furniture. Bring your child, friend or partner over and take a portrait and don’t be afraid to move chairs or photos out of the way. Who cares if it isn’t what is usually there?! Restricting yourself to what you think other people do is not helpful to your creative process. This is a great exercise in seeing how light effects the subject or if anything you are practicing using your camera.

I noticed that in my old house that in the upstairs landing the filtered light does wonderful things to room. I often pulled my boys up there and said let’s do a photograph. This particular photograph I dug through my fabric from when I sewed and I pinned it on the wall and had the boys sit on our kitchen stool and took what I call, school portraits. ( I hate spending money on those darn school photos). This was my result and I am so glad I did, because as they get older it’s nice to have a good portrait of the boys around.

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The Precipice of Change


Asher Fritz 11 years old

Momoko fritz 41.jpg

Asher Fritz 4 years old

This past month I’m seeing this kid toggle between childhood and tween and it is as confusing to me as it is to him. Someone once told me that as soon as you get comfortable with one stage of life as a parent, then the next one begins. Those words held very little meaning at that time since I had only hit the toddler stage, but now I’m living it. I’m so glad I have had my photography to capture those sweet, short years with him. I know it may seem like an investment you aren’t sure is worth pay to capture, but having images that lock time in place has been a joy for me to look back at. When thinking of photos for your family, consider the lifestyle approach of capturing those fleeting moments. Consider the photos that seem off-the-cuff or going to a place that is not what you would first think of like the zoo looking at animals or Navy Pier or in your living room. I offer lifestyle sessions that allow your family to let their hair down and wear that ballet skirt or super hero cape. Message me if you are interested in this type of shoot for your family!

Holiday Shoot

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This year I decided to do a last minute Holiday pop-up shoot. 2018 has been a trying year for me and I put my obligations and communications for my business as a low priority. Sometimes you have years where you give yourself permission to not show up, but then there’s always consequences to actions like these. I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to see my business grow and what I saw as a priorities, but then I realigned myself and came back to what I love, hence the last minute Holiday shoot. I’m so glad I did this, because everything I do for my clients and for my business is an opportunity to grow, plus I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to the New Year for numerical fresh starts, but I’ve discovered that a new year is not incentive to stretch myself, I started this process this Fall already. If you have any goals you want to say out loud, put them in my comments! Sometimes telling the world your intentions forces your hand!

Picking locations in Chicago

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Chicago is a great place to photograph families outdoors due to the many amazing locations at our doorstep. The first year I moved here I noticed the unique architecture of both downtown and in the neighborhoods. I fell in love with the grey stone residential buildings with their stoops and old doors and the eclectic mix of soaring sky scrapers. Often my clients request spots where the city can be the backdrop from both afar and close up. But I am thrilled when I can take a shot in the neighborhoods and show off that moment of your lives in our great city. Email me at to start a discussion on your next family session.